Ur Tarot

Ur Tarot presents the 22 cards or trumps of the Major Arcana which are traditionally considered "the heart of the Tarot deck". Each trump has its own name, number, and symbology. The images are said to facilitate different reactions within the sub-conscious mind and by studying and analyzing their archetypal imagery one may gain insight into the inner workings of the human condition, whether for psychological or spiritual reasons. Ur Tarot is based on the hypothesis of an existing connection between two particular systems of esoteric tradition. On the one hand the kabalistic mapping of the spiritual cosmology of man, represented by the symbolic Tree of Life, and on the other hand the Nordic esoteric rune system known as UTHARK. The meeting points of these two systems are given emphasis within the symbolic imagery of the cards to produce an active connection between the two systems. Each card is represented by a particular rune which is projected upon its corresponding pathway within the Tree of Life.

The artistic execution of the images is rather dissimilar to the traditional style of Tarot imagery. Focusing on the symbolic utilization of projected lines and geometric forms the cards receive new depth while still retaining their fundamental archetypal imagery and traditional meaning.